NanoBSR network

The Baltic Sea Region nanomedicine network

NanoBSR (nanotechnology in the Baltic Sea Region) is a new initiative for development of collaboration in the Baltic region, including north of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

The objective of nanoBSR project is to form a group of scientists and SMEs in the Baltic region, with interest in nanotechnologies in relation to medicine, to create a platform for collaboration, exchange of knowledge and information, and for preparing a functional group for EU applications.

This new network is welcoming other actors from academia and SMEs who is interested with cooperation in nanotechnology and medical application. Further information and possibility to register will be available at the nanoBSR website in the near future.


Nanomedicine encompasses nanotechnology and nanomaterials for drug delivery, diagnostics and regenerative medicine.


We welcome highly motivated and competent participants to join our network.

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