The Baltic Sea Region nanomedicine network

Nanomedicine encompasses nanotechnology and nanomaterials for drug delivery, diagnostics and regenerative medicine. The Baltic Sea Region (BSR) is a site of active basic and applied research in nanomedicine and its commercial exploitations.

Potential for the future

The BSR has a great potential for the future development of nanomedicine. Sweden, Russia, Poland, Ukraine and the Baltic states have an educational and research potential for research, education and possible commercial spin-offs.

The proposal aims to exploit the scientific and educational potential in the BSR. The network will promote development of nanomedicine products based on nanotechnology and/or nanomaterials. The proposal will bring together competencies in physics, chemistry, material science, material engineering, pharmacology, cell biology, experimental disease models, medicine, education, and advanced imaging technologies.

Join the network

We welcome highly motivated and competent participants, to join our network to contribute to the development of BSR to become a competitive global actor in experimental and applied nanomedicine. This objective is fully in line with the EU Strategy for the BSR to promote innovations as means to increase prosperity.